Modern Insulators lays great emphasis on its R&D activities to constantly improve its products as well as process. A dedicated R&D team comprising of ceramists and engineers work relentlessly to ensure product upgradation as well as innovation. Today, we can proudly claim that we are the pioneers in India for porcelain insulators and have introduced numerous changes and upgradations to the product over our long history in this field.

The R & D department is equipped with the sophisticated analysis and measurement instruments and equipment that pave the way for constant assessment and monitoring of the products being manufactured apart from assisting in upgrading processes. These facilities include

1. Particle size analyzer
2. Flame photometer
3. Dilatometer
4. Carbon & Sulphur test facility
5. Computerized UTM
6. Compression strength test facility
7. Optical microscope

Apart from the above, a fully equipped pilot plant complete with all manufacturing machineries from filter press to kilns enable the team to conduct complete small scale manufacturing trials of new ceramic compositions, products and process.The plant receives technical support from many Indian and international ceramic experts with respect to latest innovations in the ceramic field to ensure a high-quality product free of any defects.

The combined efforts of the research and design teams has led to the introduction of various new insulator designs providing improved pollution, mechanical and electrical performance. In fact, the R&D efforts of MIL has led to supply of special profile porcelain long rod insulators for highly critical sections of transmission lines having very high levels of pollution. Utilities are highly satisfied with the performance of these insulators and more and more utilities are now taking up replacement work on their transmission lines by replacing existing glass and polymer insulators with the new design porcelain long rod insulators.