Significant Achievements

  • First Indian Company to design and manufacture Long rod Insulators for High Voltage transmission lines up to 1200kV.
  • First Indian Company to design and manufacture Solidcore Insulators for High Voltage application up to 1200kV.
  • First Indian Manufacturer to regularly produce and supply Porcelain Insulators with ENEL Profile sheds (Creepage as high as 31mm/kV) for European Market.
  • First Indian Manufacturer to develop 420kN long rod insulators for extra high voltage lines to meet the requirement of Power Grid Corporation of India.

Only insulator manufacturer to have developed & tested Porcelain long rod insulators to a maximum withstand salinity of 224kg/m3 (highest level) specified by IEC standards 60507 & 60815.

Consistently produce one insulator every minute.

MIL today is the preferred supplier of choice not only in India but for utilities across the world. It is the largest supplier of India’s sub-station porcelain insulator requirements and has serviced over 120 utilities across the world. Modern is also a leading exporter and has exported to over 60 countries including top leaders of electrical industry like SIEMENS, ABB, GE & TRENCH etc. and has been bestowed with  special export awards by CAPEXIL, Govt of India in 2015-2016 & 2016-2017.