Modern Insulators is committed to quality and has the most sophisticated manufacturing plant with machinery imported from Germany along with required testing and inspection facilities. We continue to excel in our manufacturing technology by way of constant upgrading of existing machineries and equipment as well as installing new state-of-the art facilities.

The results of the upgradations and improvements are clearly reflected in the quality of the products manufactured by Modern insulators. Today we are one of the very few insulators manufacturers in the world whose products are accepted by almost all the utilities and OEMs world over.

Modern insulators has comprehensive in-house test facilities that includes

1. Automated bending test stations
2. Semi-automated hydraulic pressure test stations.
3. Computerized tensile test facilities of up to 100 tons.
4. HV routine test facility for hollow porcelain insulators.
5. Beam load test facility for hollow porcelain insulators.
6. Thermal mechanical test facility with -50 to +50 Deg C temperature range.
7. Temperature cycle test baths.
8. Ultrasonic test equipment
9. Eccentricity & Parallelism checking fixtures
10. Precision dial gauges, height gauges, surface plates etc.

Each & every insulator manufactured at Modern Insulators undergoes routine as well as conformance tests: mechanical & electrical tests to comply with standards / customer specifications. The routine tests include
1. Porosity test on fragments from every kiln cycle.
2. Ultrasonic test on shells.
3. Routine tensile test on Long rod & Railway Insulators.
4. Routine bending test on Solid core post insulators.
5. Routine bending & pressure tests Hollow Insulators.
6. Routine beam load tests on Epoxy jointed Hollow porcelain insulators.

Apart from the routine tests specified, samples from each lot of insulator manufactured are subjected to conformance tests to ensure consistency in the batch manufacturing process.All routine and conformance tests are carried out in line with the applicable Indian / International standards, Customer specifications or internal plant standards. Modern is an ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Certified Company and has a team of well-experienced, trained technicians and highly qualified engineers who ensure the highest level of quality.